Information and Telecommunication Sciences

Dear Colleagues

2019 became the tenth year of the publication of the “Telecommunication Sciences” journal, founded by the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. To the editorial board are included well-known experts and scholars from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, USA. For the journal publication time 14 numbers have been published, in which more than 80 articles were authored by professionals of different countries.

In 2013, our journal was included in the list of professional scientific publications of Ukraine. Publications of the journal are presented in the database “Ukrainika the scientific”, UAJ “Source”, Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine. Nearing completion of implementation of a common technical platform Open Journal Systems (OJS) to present publications in the world system of free public access, and in the future, also in a commercial “Scopus” database, with the requirements of which is forming and implementing the publication policy of our journal.

Initiated by the International Editorial Board all the articles are prepared in English. In our view, this should contribute to the strengthening of the international image of Ukrainian science citation indices increase of the authors of the publications, spreading convenience of scientific and technical knowledge in the global information and telecommunication environment.

To our authors and readers belong experts in the field of telecommunications and information – scholars, engineers, teachers of higher education institutions, postgraduates, students.

We will continue to work productively and to provide our readers with timely, complete and accurate information about research in the area of development and implementation of telecommunication systems.

Given the global trends of telecommunication and information technologies merging in 2014, the journal will get a new name – “Information and Telecommunication Sciences”. For that matter, the list of topics covered by the journal expands to involve the technology of creation, storage and transportation of information resources.

The program target of our journal is the highlighting of information in the following areas:
−Telecommunication Theory and Signal Processing;
−Construction of Modern and Future Information Exchange Network;
−Wireless Technologies, Systems and Networks;
−Sensor Networks;
− Internet of Things;
−Microwave and Terahertz Technology and Fiber-Optic Systems in Telecommunication;
−Management in the Systems and Telecommunication Networks and Their Modeling;
−Technologies and Programming Tools in Telecommunication Systems;
−Merging of Information and Telecommunication Networks and Services;
−Management of Activity and Infrastructure of Information and Communication Services
− Services and Service Delivery Platforms Design in the Global Environment;
− Development of Web-Technologies, Models, Methods, Protocols and Means of Software
Platforms and Services Interaction;
− Intellectualization and Productivity Improvement;
−Mathematical methods of artificial intelligence;
− History of Telecommunications and Information Technology.
The expected frequency of the updated journal is from 2 to 4 issues per year.
in 2019 the journal received category B status. Publication in the journal is free of charge.
Inviting authors to cooperate actively with our journal, I hope to ensure the high scientific level of the journal with joint efforts for the publications were useful for a wide range of professionals.


With best wishes,
Academician of NAS of Ukraine                                M. YU. ILCHENKO

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