• Andriy Semenov Vinnytsia national technical university Faculty for Radio Engineering, Telecommunication and Electronic Instrument Engineering Doctoral Student,



oscillator, chaos, oscillation, phase portrait, white noise


Background. Application of deterministic chaos oscillators in telecommunication systems requires knowledge about their dynamical properties. Mathematical models and phase portraits of such generators are well known. However, common theory of the deterministic chaos oscillators was developed without noise. At the same time, these oscillators are applied in
telecommunication systems at presence of both external and intrinsic noises. Therefore, researching the noise impact on oscillation dynamics in the deterministic chaos oscillator is an actual applied scientific task.
Objective. Creating the mathematical models of the Kiyashko-Pikovsky-Rabinovich-type deterministic chaos oscillator based on a FET structure with negative resistance at presence and at absence of additive white noise.
Methods. Chaotic oscillation dynamics in the oscillator was examined on a base of the well known mathematical model of Kiyashko-Pikovsky-Rabinovich and the non-linear approximation of the FET structure’s static current-voltage characteristic using the hyperbolic tangent function. The results of the deterministic chaos oscillator mathematical simulation at presence of additive white noise were obtained. The additive white noise impact on generated chaotic oscillation’s dynamics and parameters was researched.
Results. The phase portraits, time and frequency dependences for the oscillation in the deterministic chaos oscillator based on a FET structure with negative resistance at presence and at absence of additive white noise have been obtained.
Conclusions. The results of chaotic oscillation dynamics numerical simulation at presence of white noise confirm the high noise immunity of the deterministic chaos oscillator based on a FET structure with negative resistance.


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