Igor Nevliudov, Oleksandr Filipenko, Victor Palagin, Ievgenii Razumov-Friuzyk, Victoria Nevliudova, Darya Gurina


Background. A large part of modern electronic components used in the ET, having a high electro-physical characteristics stated, quite often don’t match passport data, have hidden defects that are due to the complexity and high level of integration (processor, the FPGA etc) is difficult to identify timely. This imposes on producers of ET additional requirements on the organization of the input and functional control of finished products and controlling with a high level automation and complexity devices.
Objective. The aim of the paper is the development of the original design-technological solution of multiprobe contact device for control chips in BGA packages that is distinguished with simultaneously control a large number of outputs with a high density of their location, low cost, low weight and size parameters and the ability to connect quality control.
Methods. High-quality, uniform contacting of the multiprobe contact device for controlled chip is carried out by a pneumatic clamping of probes lying on the flexible cable.
Results. A multiprobe contact device and the topology of the holding cable was designed, simulation of the stress-strain state was made, which occurs when pressing the probes of flexible clamping cable to circuit connections, experimental studies of transient resistance flexible cable - output circuits were carried out.
Conclusions. The simulation and experimental researches suggest that the proposed structural-technological solution allows you to control chips in BGA packages with number of pads to several hundred and location step up to 500μm.


BGA; multiprobe contact device

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