NFV, cloud computing, resource allocation, virtual network embedding


Background. To ensure the required quality of experience and optimal use of network operator's resources in the current conditions telecommunication operator can deploy services using the concept of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), that has fundamental differences from traditional dedicated hardware. To achieve the expected benefits of NFV, physical resources must be used effectively. This requires effective algorithms to determine onto which physical resources network functions are allocated.
Objective. The aim of the paper is to improve the efficiency of mobile network through optimal resource allocation in hybrid data center environment.
Methods. Analysis of all known publications devoted to virtualization of network functions of mobile network has shown the modeling approach to resource allocation and also has shown the absence of decisions on important issues of this process (performance of functional blocks, heterogeneous environment).
Results. An analytical approach to model and investigate the resource allocation of network functions on a telecommunication operator’s network is proposed.
Conclusions. To model the resource allocation for virtualized network functions a technique of virtual network embedding can be used, while changing the constraints in which you can get the results for a variety of deployment scenarios. In such way, adding a number of constraints to the classical formulation of the problem, we can take into account the performance of the
network functions and heterogeneity (hybridity) of the deployment environment.


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