wireless sensor networks, satellite channel


Background. There are scenarios of wireless sensor networks application, in which the use of terrestrial communication becomes unacceptable: a considerable distance between the sensor nodes, destruction of land lines during natural disasters and al. The alternative terrestrial communication to solve the problem to ensure the transmission of information from the sensor nodes can be the use of satellite communication channels. However, the use of satellite channels makes high demands on power transceivers, which imposes restrictions on the characteristics of the sensor nodes.
Objective. The aim of the paper is review of existing methods of application of satellite communication channels in wireless sensor networks.
Methods. Analysis of well-known publications on the use of satellite communication channels in wireless sensor networks, revealed specific scenarios in which the use of satellite channels can be an effective solution.
Results. It was found that, despite the additional complexity of the use of satellite communication channels in wireless sensor networks associated with the energy constraints of sensor nodes, satellite channels are able to provide the territorial flexibility for deployment of wireless sensor networks.
Conclusions. The use of satellite communications in wireless sensor networks has a number of unresolved problems. One example is problem of multiple access organization in satellite channel for high satellite channel utilization depends on payload traffic nature. A promising area of application of satellite communication channels in wireless sensor networks is a method of forming a data channel from a group of spaced sensor nodes with limited energy, which is based on the principles of phased arrays.


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