• Yuriy Kovalchuk
  • Oleg Kopiyka
  • Oksana Roiko



information and communication systems, telecommunications operator, information systems architecture and platforms of network resources and network services.


Background. Task of automation of productive and administrative processes, operating activity, general system providing, and also facilities, that provide creation, treatment, maintenance, moving away and transporting of information is actual. The united system of business processes allows conducting the synthesis of information and communication systems for national operator of telecommunications and informatization industry.
Objective. The objective is to develop the information systems architecture and the platforms of network resources and network services which are based on conception of the information and communication systems synthesis that automate the production and management processes, operation activities, production means and system-wide ensuring of the telecommunications operator.
Methods. The method of the communications infrastructure synthesis that receives convergent properties to provide personalized services to the end user, which is based on the developed methodology and methods and allows the client to implement the principle of self-configuration services to get the whole range of modern converged information and communication services to the agreed quality (QoS) is proposed.
Results. Architectures of telecommunication services capital of telecommunication operator are considered, which include the platforms of network resources and network services. The method of synthesis of communication infrastructure which gets convergence properties for the grant of personally services for end user is offered.
Conclusions. Description of methodological bases of synthesis of information-communication systems of telecommunication operator is presented, here, the synthesis of the systems is given by possibility to create the unique informative platform which is presented as universal architecture information and communication systems.
Keywords: information and communication systems, telecommunications operator; information systems architecture and platforms of network resources and network services.


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