telecommunications means, multicriteria optimization, Pareto-optimal solutions, choosing of preferred design version, hierarchical analysis method.


Background. Telecommunications means (systems, devices, technologies etc.) are important components of modern infocommunications. The theoretical and practical aspects of choice of preferable version of telecommunication facilities are examined taking into account totality of quality indexes and judgments of experts on the basis of hierarchical analysis method.
Objective. The requirements of strict account of the inconsistent quality indices totality arise when choosing their design versions. This defines the necessity to use methods of multi-criteria optimization when choosing optimal design solutions from a set of admissible versions.
Methods. Scientific novelty of the work consists in the application of hierarchy analysis method for comparative analysis and selection of a preferred version of telecommunication means taking into account a set of quality indicators and judgments of experts. Solution of multicriteria optimization problems consists, in the general case, in the search of not one but some set of Pareto-optimal solutions which can be used at designing. Method based on attraction of some additional subjective information in the form of experts’ judgments can be used for narrowing the Pareto set to the unique design solution.
Results. Theoretical and practical aspects of choosing the preferable version of telecommunications means taking into account the totality of quality indices and experts’ judgments based on hierarchical analysis method are considered. Examples of the problems of choice of the preferred version for different types of telecommunication means, in particular, for digital communication systems with different modulation type, different versions for building a mobile network of the 3rd generation, different technologies of mobile networks of the 4th generation, different types of speech codecs are proposed.
Conclusions. Practical features are studied and recommendations are formulated for application of the method of hierarchy analysis in the selection of the preferred design versions of means of telecommunications.
Key words: telecommunications means; multicriteria optimization; Pareto-optimal solutions; choosing of preferred design version; hierarchical analysis method.


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