• Vladislav Noskov
  • Kirill Ignatkov
  • Sergey Smolskiy



General relations for the analysis of autodyne and modulation characteristics are obtained in the form of differential equations with the retarded argument. Solutions for characteristics of frequency response of autodyne variations of the oscillation ampli-tude and phase as well as the auto-detecting signal of UHF oscillator under influence of the proper reflected radiation are de-rived. The solution of the same equation system is given for frequency responses of the modulation deepness of oscillation amplitude and frequency as well as the auto-detecting signal in the case of the reflection factor modulation by the high-frequency signal. Calculations of autodyne and modulation characteristics are fulfilled at different values of inherent parame-ters of UHF oscillators. Non-isochronous and non-isodromous properties of autodyne oscillators are investigated. Phenomena of frequency auto-detecting are considered. A method for dynamic properties determination is substantiated according to its modulation characteristics at the oscillation amplitude registration. The results of theoretical analysis are confirmed by experi-mental data obtained on the example of hybrid-integrated oscillator of 8mm-range on the Gunn diode.


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