vibration, MEMS accelerometer, wireless vibration transducer, Wi–Fi, monitoring of rotating machinery


Background. When monitoring vibration of rotating machines, especially heavy ones, problems with cables of transducers often emerge. Those cables are usually long, heavy and prone to damage.

Objective. The purpose of the paper is to develop a wireless vibration transducer, which is free of those problems, on the base of MEMS accelerometer. Sensor developed should provide low power consumption, linear frequency response at least in 10…1000 Hz range, calculate vibration RMS and detect machine condition based on it.

Methods. Develop wireless sensor design based on 8-bit MCU. Develop method of MEMS frequency response correction, based on spectral analysis. Compare sensor developed with industrial piezoelectric ones.

Results. Transducer developed can be used instead of the industrial piezoelectric vibration transducers. Moreover, MEMS-based transducer allows one to move basic machine condition detection process from the high–level system to transducer level. That, in turn, allows one to reduce network traffic and simplify condition monitoring system as a whole.

Conclusions. MEMS-based wireless vibration transducer for condition monitoring is developed. Tests conducted showed that the transducer developed is well–behaved and its precision is comparable to one of industrial piezoelectric transducers.


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