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High-definition (HD), ultrahigh-definition (UHD), video stream, television transmission, terahertz (THz), resonant tunnel diode (RTD)


Background. The advent of HD and UHD video formats, and as a result the growing volume of accumulated and transmitted data led to the demand for higher data rate of wireless communications. THz band satisfies the main technical and economic indicators for the implementation of HD/UHD TV broadcasting networks. This papers analyzes current advancements in implementing and deploying photonic-based terahertz (THz) communication systems.

Objective. The purpose of the paper is to consider modern variants of technical implementation of transmitting and receiving devices for broadcasting of HD/UHD TV signals in the THz band.

Methods. Studying the dependence of the transmission rate of an HD/UHD video stream on the transmission distance and quality.

Results. A variant of practical implementation of a prototype of a wireless video transmission system with UHD resolution of 8K over a terahertz radio line in the 300 GHz and other frequencies of terahertz band is considered. A distinctive feature of the modern receiving device from the known is the usage of  RTD as demodulators of the terahertz signal, which greatly simplifies the receiving part of the proposed wireless transmission system. It is also shown that the main problem in the construction of transmitting devices in the THz range is the formation of a highly stable THz carrier oscillation by mixing optical carriers on a photodiode, as well as obtaining the output power of this oscillation sufficient to ensure the required range of the THz transmission system.

Conclusions. The main trends and approaches to building high-speed point-to-point wireless communication links of the next generation in THz band for HD/UHD TV signals transmission are presented. The principles and approaches to the construction of receiving and transmitting devices of the THz band were revealed, as this band is one of the most promising for the development of wireless networks with data rates more than 10 Gbps.


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