wireless sensor network, data collection method, network clustering, data exchange


Background. The article presents the results of a study of methods of positioning, localization and data collection from nodes of a mobile wireless sensor network using intelligent adaptive telecommunication air platforms. To implement the study of this research topic, an analysis of literary sources on this topic was carried out. Based on a fairly rich bibliographic material, this work has the main task of examining, analyzing and systematizing already known approaches to positioning objects in wireless sensor networks using intelligent adaptive telecommunication air platforms and suggesting options for their development.

Objective. The aim of the work is to improve the methods of direct data collection of TA from the nodes of BSM, the general directions of synthesis of which are defined in the work.

Methods. Methods of cluster analysis (network clustering), graph theory (research of analytical models of BSM with TA functioning, construction of cluster topology), theory of telecommunication networks (when calculating bandwidth in BSM with TA radio channels) and theory were used to solve the formulated problem. (when developing a positioning model for telecommunications air platforms)

Results. A technique for evaluating the effectiveness of methods for collecting data from wireless sensor networks using intelligent adaptive telecommunication air platforms is proposed.

Conclusions. The method of collecting TA monitoring data from the main nodes of clustered BSM has been improved. The method of estimation of efficiency of methods of data collection with BSM by telecommunication air platforms is offered.


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