• Anton Romaniuk academic candidate, National Technical University of Ukraine Igor Sikorsky Кyiv Politechnic Institute, Кyiv, Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Valery Romaniuk Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Deputy Head of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization on Scientific Work, Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Myroslav Sparavalo Honorary professor of Telecommunication dep., Institute of telecommunication systems, National technical university of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute», Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, New York, USA., United States
  • Olexandr Lysenko Professor of Telecommunication dep., Institute of telecommunication systems, National technical university of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute", doctor of technical sciences, professor, Kyiv, Ukraine., Ukraine
  • Olexandr Zhuk PhD, Associate Professor, Head of Department of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization, Kyiv, Ukraine., Ukraine



wireless sensor networks, clustering, telecommunication airplatform, monitoring data collection from UAVs.


Background. Wireless sensor networks using telecommunication airplatforms for monitoring data collection belong to the class of complex, multifunctional, dynamic systems. To increase the efficiency of functioning of this class of networks, it is necessary to develop methods that allow achieving various target functions of network management: increase the time of network functioning, reduce the time of data collection, minimize the resources consumed. An integral part of the wireless sensor network management system is the subsystem of control over data collection from nodes using telecommunication airplatforms. When managing the process of data collection there are scientific tasks: finding the minimum number of points (nodes) of data collection, building the shortest flight routes of these points, defining flight strategies, ensuring the quality of
data exchange, increasing the time of network operation. At present, there are no effective methods and algorithms to solve these scientific problems. This article is dedicated to the synthesis of methods that solve these problems.
Objective. The purpose of the paper is development and improvement of monitoring data collection methods from wireless sensor network nodes on the basis of motion and positioning control of telecommunication air platforms.
Methods. The analysis of initial data was performed and the main stages for synthesis of monitoring data collection methods by telecommunication airplatforms in wireless sensory networks were considered. The following mathematical models are proposed: clustering of wireless sensors networks; estimation of network nodes power consumption; time of data collection; quality of monitoring data collection and transmission. The algorithms of search of position and movement of telecommunication airplatforms for achievement of the given control objectives at monitoring data collection are improved.
The effectiveness of the proposed methods of monitoring data collection has been assessed.
Results. The results of simulation modeling showed that using the proposed models and algorithms in the implementation of monitoring data collection methods from nodes using telecommunication airplatforms allows: reducing data collection time by 15-20%; increasing network operation time by 10-15%; reducing the required number of telecommunications airplatforms to 15%.
Conclusions. The synthesized methods make it possible to: determine the position and trajectory of telecommunication airplatforms when optimizing various target functions; perform real-time control; plan the trajectory of telecommunication airplatforms; improve the efficiency of algorithmic and mathematical support of network control system.


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