Gleb Avdeyenko, Sergey Bunin, Teodor Narytnik


Background. A new idea for receiving and transmitting impulse radio ultrawideband signals with Pulse Position Coding (PPC) in transmitter station and antenna decoding in receiver station is proposed. A receiving station that allows
decoding the ultrawideband signal with PPC only by receiver antenna due to its construction which is spatially matched with the subscriber’s PPC address sequence is described.
Objective. The aim of the paper is to present the idea of ultrawideband signals transmitting and receiving based on the application of antenna decoding method of subscriber’s PPC address sequence.
Methods. Computer simulation of impulse radio ultrawideband signal generator by using such computer-aided design as AWR Microwave Office was used. Also mathematical tool to describe ultrawideband signal at the outputs of antenna
dipoles and in the receiver was used.
Results. The simulation results of the impulse radio ultrawideband signal generator with step recovery diode indicate the possibility of generating at its output a signal with a time duration less than 1 ns in 0.3 – 2.5 GHz frequency bandwidth and a pulse amplitude that doesn’t exceed 0.3...0.45 volts. A mathematical model and graphs of ultrawideband signals for PPC depict antenna decoding method of subscriber’s PPC address sequence in the receiver station.
Conclusions. The proposed idea is conceptual. Its realization will give an opportunity to offer new technological solutions for the creation of next-generation radio telecommunication systems, particularly in the terahertz frequency band.


ultrawideband; pulse; antenna; transmitter; receiver

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