standard, exact time, self-tuning, optimization, synchronization, control system, IP-technologies


Background. The generating reference time signals problem to meet the all consumers’ requirements for time and frequency information is targeted on researching the time scale IP-technologies transmission systems quality improvement and optimizing the synchronization devices self-tuning, as one of the most common systems’ elements in a today’s world.
Objective. The aim of the paper is the phase locked loop (PLL) system performance optimization of the device for the exact time signal synchronization and formation.
Methods. The linearized model construction of a closed automatic control system for a synchronization device, obtaining performance optimal control law in an analytical form and its implementation in the synchronization device PLL system using an adaptive digital phase discriminator.
Results. The performance optimal control law in synchronization PLL device using an adaptive digital phase discriminator was practically implemented.
Conclusions. The synchronization information transmission over existing IP networks based on the PTP protocol allows spreading the time scale with an accuracy of hundreds nanoseconds in real networks. Improving the exact time signals formation quality causes the optimizing performance need for the PLL synchronization devices. The adaptive digital phase discriminator use is protected by the Ukraine invention patent and provides the ability to control
the phase discriminator (PD) characteristic shape for the transient process duration in PLL system.
Keywords: standard; exact time; self-tuning; optimization; synchronization; control system; IP-technologies.


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